Call for trainers to EWC project in Greece

This call is now closed. On behalf of the project’s team, we would like to inform all the applicants that the evaluation procedure is still in progress. The applicants, who will be selected to pass to the next evaluation stage, will be informed by email. We have received a great number of applications,something that made the Evaluation Committee’s work even harder. We would really like to thank all the applicants  for their interest.

The European Wergeland Centre

“Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools” is supported by the EEA/Norway Grants. The project is conducted by EWC under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. By the end of the school year 2021-2022, school leaders, teachers, pupils and parents from 150 Greek secondary schools will take part in the project.

The project addresses a challenge common for many European countries: how to provide safe and inclusive quality education for all? This is particularly urgent in countries receiving large numbers of migrants and refugees, such as Greece.

For almost a decade, Greece has been dealing with many multileveled and severe challenges since the onset of the ongoing financial crisis, with the influx of refugees being the most recent one. Greek schools struggle with issues connected to these challenges daily. A big number of refugee children have spent a long time away from home and as a result away from school. It is Greece’s obligation to provide the opportunity to these children to re-join education or to attend school for the first time.  

EWC’s project addresses a particular gap in the provision of education to refugee children. Even though legal and structural provisions are in place, there is not always the necessary support for all the schools where refugee children are enrolled once they are there. There is limited training, practical guides or good practices offered to schools on how to manage the situation, which may cause tensions and conflicts in the classroom, in the school environment, with parents and the local community.

Through the project school directors and teachers are trained to create safe and inclusive schools and classrooms where refugees are welcomed into a learning environment which aims to provide quality education to all. The training aims to equip school directors and teachers with the tools, competence and confidence to manage controversy and deal with issues concerning intolerance, discrimination, racism and hate speech in school and the local community.

Please find the call for trainers here.

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