Completed projects

Here are some of EWC's previous projects in the field of education for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural understanding
Dembra participants


Dembra aims to build democratic preparedness against racism and antisemitism in Norwegian schools. After an initial four year pilot period in the Oslo area, it is now being extended to new regions in Norway.

Демократическая школа

Программа на основе общешкольного подхода, направлена на демократизацию и децентрализацию школ, а также, на поддержку национального диалога и сотрудничества между школами в различных регионах Украины

Alumni from the Regional Summer Academy in Poland work on their project

Regional Summer Academy Poland

The Regional Summer Academy "Democracy at School" promotes education for democratic citizenship in Poland, Russia and Eastern Partnership countries.

Participant receiving diploma at the Regional Summer Academy Human Rights in Action

Regional Summer Academy Montenegro

The South East Europe Regional Summer Academy "Human Rights in Action" promotes human rights education in South East Europe.

Break the bonds of fear

“Break the bonds of fear- say no to hate” is a one year project developed and implemented by EWC and The Human Rights Defence Centre (KEPAD) aimed at building democratic resilience in Greek school communities.

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Karl Johans gate 2,
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