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    Students promoting inclusion and conflict resolution

    A core group of 23 students has become agents for inclusion and conflict resolution at the Xhemail Mustafa Primary School in Pristina, following the schools participation at the 2015 Kosovo academy.


  • The European Wergeland Centre

    Trained their class mates after Utøya

    After participating at a training course on Utøya, students from Frydenberg Secondary School used what they had learned to train their fellow students. Through inter-active exercises they facilitated discussions in the classroom about democratic values, human rights and inclusion.


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    Get to know the Schools for Democracy

    EWC has produced a video about the Schools for Democracy, our national programme in education for democratic citizenship in Ukraine. (Select English subtitles)


«Educating for democracy and human rights»

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6/ Dec/ 2016

Розпочинаємо роботу другого циклу Програми з вірою в демократичні зміни в українській школі

03-08 грудня під Києвом, в етнографічному комплексі «Українське село» проходить тренінг для тренерів Програми «Демократична школа». Метою тренінгу є поглиблення усвідомлення і розуміння понять демократії, прав людини і верховенства права в контексті роботи школи.

6/ Dec/ 2016

Training for Schools for Democracy 2nd Cycle

Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

A training of trainers for the "Schools for Democracy in Ukraine" programme is under way in Kyiv. An important objective is to prepare the welcome for 40 new schools starting their adventure with the "Schools for Democracy" in 2017.

5/ Dec/ 2016

Taking a modern view of citizenship education

Practicing Citizenship

More than 70 education professionals from Georgia and the Russian Federation shared good practices in citizenship education at a Networking Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia, last month.The conference was organized by EWC in partnership with the Association of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe and the Tbilisi School of Political Studies as a part of the Practicing Citizenship programme.


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