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    Students promoting inclusion and conflict resolution

    A core group of 23 students has become agents for inclusion and conflict resolution at the Xhemail Mustafa Primary School in Pristina, following the schools participation at the 2015 Kosovo academy.


  • The European Wergeland Centre

    Trained their class mates after Utøya

    After participating at a training course on Utøya, students from Frydenberg Secondary School used what they had learned to train their fellow students. Through inter-active exercises they facilitated discussions in the classroom about democratic values, human rights and inclusion.


  • The European Wergeland Centre

    Get to know the Schools for Democracy

    EWC has produced a video about the Schools for Democracy, our national programme in education for democratic citizenship in Ukraine. (Select English subtitles)


«Educating for democracy and human rights»

Where we work

EWC activities and services are free and open for all 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

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Supporting integration of refugee children in Greece

EWC is proud to introduce a new programme in Greece! In cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Education, EWC will offer a 3-year programme on refugee education, supporting the integration of refugee children in Greek schools. The programme is part of the EEA Grants programme cycle 2014-2021.

15/ Dec/ 2017

Registration open for Learning Democracy at Utøya

Upper secondary students from all over Norway participated in Learning Democracy at Utøya in 2017. Now the registration is open for the gatherings in 2018.

30/ Nov/ 2017

Практичний досвід спільного демократичного вибору

Ставши учасником Всеукраїнської програми освіти для демократичного громадянства “Демократична школа”, Чернівецька загальноосвітня школа № 38 хотіла домогтися свідомої та відповідальної участі вчителів, учнів та батьків у формуванні шкільних планів.

22/ Nov/ 2017

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Karl Johans gate 2,
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