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    Students promoting inclusion and conflict resolution

    A core group of 23 students has become agents for inclusion and conflict resolution at the Xhemail Mustafa Primary School in Pristina, following the schools participation at the 2015 Kosovo academy.


  • The European Wergeland Centre

    Trained their class mates after Utøya

    After participating at a training course on Utøya, students from Frydenberg Secondary School used what they had learned to train their fellow students. Through inter-active exercises they facilitated discussions in the classroom about democratic values, human rights and inclusion.


  • The European Wergeland Centre

    Get to know the Schools for Democracy

    EWC has produced a video about the Schools for Democracy, our national programme in education for democratic citizenship in Ukraine. (Select English subtitles)


«Educating for democracy and human rights»

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New regional project on teaching controversial issues

The new project "Dealing with controversy through education: a regional approach" has been granted support from Nordplus. The aim of the project is to create a Baltic-Nordic network of trainers in education for democratic citizenship and human rights, who can support educational institutions and educators in formal and non-formal education through training and dissemination activities.

25/ May/ 2018

Including refugees at Greek schools

The 2nd edition of the Greek Summer Academy took place in the island of Spetses May 10 - 14th 2018. It brought together school heads, teachers and parents from 7 primary schools in Attica, all selected based on their experiences from including refugees in their schools this school year.

22/ May/ 2018

Strong support for the 22 July and Democratic Citizenship programme

The Norwegian Government supports the programme 22 July and Democratic Citizenship in the Revised National Budget for 2018. With the increased support, EWC, together with our partners, will provide learning opportunities for an increased number of young people and educational professionals on 22 July 2011 and related topics such as democratic citizenship, human rights and prevention of hate speech.

16/ May/ 2018

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